Why Your Website Needs to be CMS Based Introduction

calcOpening a website is similar to purchasing a car. Virtually every American has the money to buy a car, however many Americans end up settling for a vehicle that is unsuited to meeting their needs and does not maximize their financial situation. Websites and internet based marketing are similar to the car analogy. However, unlike cars which take people to work or the grocery store business websites are designed to generate revenue for their companies. In order to accomplish this goal they need to provide consumers with a pleasant experience and they need to be simple enough to be managed by non IT professionals. This is where Content Management Systems (CMS)can prove valuable to business owners.

CMS does exactly what it describes and manages content for a company and does so in a simple manner and gives business owners the flexibility to manage a website from anywhere in the world. All a user needs is a internet connected computer. Additionally, CMS does not require any special software or skills, almost all modern laptops are capable of running CMS and users only need to be able to follow instructions. Finally, CMS is very affordable and there are even free CMS programs. Companies have no excuse CMS is necessary because it provides consumers with an interactive and consistent experience while allowing businesses to effectively manage their websites in an affordable manner.

Focusing on User Experience

Regarding the user experience CMS allows a website to become more than an advertising banner by turning it into an interactive experience. Through message boards and guest books users have the ability to share their thoughts and feelings about a product or news relating to that product. This is beneficial because it allows companies to receive feedback that can be used in future planning and it allows users to develop a sense of community regarding a company.

Furthermore, CMS seperates website content from website design which simplifies the process of updating the website and creates a consistent appearance. A consistent appearance is important with todays savvy consumers who will judge a website (and by extension that company) by its design. Consistency is also important for less tech savvy folks as they will want a website that maintains continuity as it moves from one page to the next.


In addition to consumer experience, manageability is critical to the establishment of a business website. In this sense CMS offers companies a format that is affordable, easy to use, and the ability to control content.



While the cost of hosting and designing a website can be expensive for many companies. There is no reason the cost of publishing content should be so expensive with free CMS programs available. However, the downside of utilizing free programs is that business owners may find themselves limited regarding their options, though one of the greatest website builders from Dynadot offers everything you need to build your dream website. By far Dynadot is theĀ Best Website Builder, choose from hundreds of themes and find that every feature is customizable.


The great thing about CMS is that these programs can be utilized by anyone. If the receptionist is also responsible for updating the front page of the website she can do that with a user account and a password, as long as the administrator gives the proper permissions. CMS programs are so easy to use that the website staff does not need to be knowledgable of html or website development software they just need to know how a website works (from the user perspective) and be capable of following instructions. Another great benefit is that multiple staff can operate a website instead of a single webmaster controlling all content, which helps to spread the workload and prevent frustrating delays.

Content Control

Finally, CMS gives business owners the ability to control content by allowing the administrators to allow users different levels of access and different levels of content. In addition to these different levels of access CMS programs come with approval mechanisms that allow administrators the ability to allow or deny publication.


Considering all the benefits of CMS for businesses, owners would be crazy to not consider utilizing a CMS program. CMS provides users with a pleasant experience and allows companies to manage content in a efficient manner. Going back to the car analogy not every business can afford to buy a luxury car, or pay for expensive web designs. However, there is no reason a business cannot manage the image they project online and do so in a way that is pleasurable, efficient, and profitable.